The last run

Saturday, January 06, 2018 || 6:01 PM

Last run of university - that is, if I choose not to take up honours. Oh, and happy new year!

Finally it's 2018, the year I've been waiting for, for a really long time. So many things to actually do this year - & I'll probably save the list for another post. Go go go, 2018!

Anyways, I went to Sydney a while ago and keep putting this post off for undue reasons. Sydney was lovely and I'm definitely coming back to experience the place wholly by myself before I leave the country just because I feel like it wasn't properly explored before. There's just more food, more pictures and more experiences needed to be covered there. Thinking of whether I should actually go by myself since I'm more or less familiar with the place.

This trip was actually a pretty funny one - it was so spontaneous though planned to an extend. I asked my friend 2 weeks before the trip if she wanted to come to Sydney with me and she said yes. Off to Sydney we go then! Did I forget to mention that we went to Sydney a week before hell week of university, because why not right?

Nonetheless, managed to snap some great photos - and by that, I mean just selfies and strange photos because we were busy immersing ourselves in the moment.

*actually gave up on taking a photo of the opera house because of the boats 

I guess a part of me doesn't want to let go because I'm sick of losing people in life. I guess I just miss having someone familiar near me. I guess I'm as lonely as you are. I guess I just got too devoted in this funny relationship of ours. I guess I just miss the feeling of being cared for genuinely as person and not for reasons that are utterly materialistic and superficial. I guess these are all excuses for something else that I refuse to admit. I guess you're just a distraction, and I to you, for the bigger and sadder problems that we have to face in this long life. Just know that I'm here, for as long as I can be.

For all that you've done and made me feel, thank you.

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