Let's run away

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 || 3:53 PM

The funny thing about being down is that you often think you're in the worst predicament the universe can ever put you in. Was I affected? Definitely. I was devastated. My heart probably needed a minute, for it to wallow in misery, but it's running well now. My guards are up, sorta, and I'm ready to run again. 

But hey, you came into my life and taught me to love myself and appreciate the world and people around me. For that, I'm thankful. You're special and a great person. Whatever happens, I wish you the best. 

One of my best friends visited me last weekend and I miss her so dearly. I can't wait till the other bestie comes from Singapore. We're planning something during summer and I can't wait. Brought her to the Gold Coast and Brisbane City. It was pretty chill, no commitments - just how we like it. Also, I met a new pal who lives nearby. He's such a sweetheart - again, friendships in unexpected situations. 

- Gold Coast, 2017 -

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