Sunday, August 06, 2017 || 10:46 PM

When you take a step back from your situation and assess the situation, which at that point seems like the biggest problem in the whole world - you'll realise how much of a wuss, an idiot and a hypocritical moron you actually are.

I guess I speak from experience. I always tell myself the things I should do, the things I shouldn't do - but what's the point? I'm going to defy these rules anyway.

2017, a year of much anticipation. How is it so far for me? I'm in Australia now, having the time of my life. I'm away from family and familiar friends. It gives me a chance to start a new, or so I assume. It gives me a chance to breathe by myself, to a certain extent. Brisbane has been really great. I'm actually kinda addicted to it. I don't want to leave. It's so peaceful here. The problems are so far away, though they do haunt me in my sleep from time to time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm counting my blessings.

Melbourne was great. 

Met old friends and made some new ones. Had great food, fantastic coffee which made me fall in love with the country even more. 

- Melbourne, 2017 -

Oh, 2017, please be nice to me during the next few months. Honestly, I can't really wait for what more the future has to unfold for me. Might consider going down to Sydney soon too. Perhaps, a birthday treat for myself? 

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